USPhotoGroup is a new venture and our website is still under development.  We hope you enjoy what you see and that you will return frequently as our site continues to grow and improve.

Our Goals

  • To become a premier website for all of us who are interested in photography.
  • To share with you the art, technology and particularly the enjoyment of photography through image galleries, slideshows, travel guides and an on-line magazine.  To this end we have developed this site to:

    • Display beautiful photographs from talented photographers that we hope will educate and bring pleasure to our visitors and inspire you to pick-up your camera and create your own.

    • Provide training programs and advice to those interested in developing their photographic skills and artistry.

    • Share some of our favorite places for photography.

On our site now

Coming Soon

  • Tutorials on all aspects of photography
  • Galleries of our members' photographs
  • Workshops where you can improve your photographic skills under the guidance of our experienced staff
  • A forum for discussing photography with our members

The Founders

Gary Stanley

Gary is a nationally known, professional nature, landscape and wildlife photographer based in New England.  For over sixteen years he has led photo tours and lectured to photographic clubs and organizations in both the U.S. and Canada.  While an excellent photographer, he is also known for his great teaching and writing ability.  His one-day seminars are very popular and informative. 

Gary is an accomplished writer, having written several instructional books on digital photography.  For four and a half years, he was both a senior editor and a managing editor for an on-line photography magazine, writing over 150 articles on digital and traditional photography. 

For over fifteen years his images have appeared in Maine Scene and Eastern Illustrating Calendars across Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont

Be sure and visit Gary’s web site and photo gallery of images; www.light-chasers.com

Joseph Votano

Joe is a passionate and creative photographer.  He enjoys all aspects of photography especially architectural, creative, and fine art photography. He leans more heavily to presentational (interpretative) rather than representational (as is) photography made possible with the application of digital, photo processing, software tools. 

Leslie Wood

Les was always interested in taking photographs, but it was not until he ventured into digital photography that he took to the medium seriously.

He found that the combination of digital images and Photoshop gave him a creative freedom that had been lacking in his earlier efforts.  His photographic interests include landscapes, cityscapes, architecture.


Cover Shot:  Spring blossoms contrast with the dark mills on Canal Street, Lawrence, Massachusetts in this shot by Les Wood.

Image Copyrights

All photographs, illustrations, digital art and other forms of images on the Website, whether Rights-Managed or Royalty-Free (collectively, the "Images") are the exclusive property and copyright of USPhotoGroup. The Images are protected by national copyright laws, international treaty provisions and other applicable laws.



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