Lake Cochichewick, North Andover, MA by Les Wood   


  1. 1. Wonder how Joe Votano relaxes?  He photographs his favorite spot on the Shawsheen River.  Watch his 5 minute slideshow  see it here

  2. 2. A gallery of images by Karl Schanz. 

see it here

Planning that photo trip?

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Our Photo Tours will take you on beautiful preview of your trip with commentary on where and how the photographer saw and captured his or her vision of the regions.

Currently available are:

Visiting Boston?

Want to know where, when and how to photograph the city?

See the Preview

Our eBook: "Boston and Cape Ann ...Places and Scenes to Photograph" will answer all your questions. 

With 300 images and 200 pages it tells when and how each image was taken.  This is an invaluable guide to photographing one of North America's great cities.

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